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“How To Generate Floods of Discounted Property Leads on a Shoestring and Have Sellers Begging You To Buy Their Homes For Stupid Discounts*

(Even If You've Never Done A Property Deal Before In Your Life!)


After reading this page, you might never look at property investing in the same way again. Seriously, the system I’m going to cover changed my property business beyond recognition and could do the same for you... OR allow you to start a new property business that could give you the financial freedom you desire...

John Wilson BSc: Multi-million Portfolio, Investing In Property Since 2003. Amazon #1 Bestselling Property Author.

From the desk of John Wilson BSc, 4th October 2023.

Dear Fellow Property Investor,

There are some awesome strategies you can use to profit from property without a bank: joint ventures or options for example...

But before you can use them, you need to search for a property, right?


      How would you feel if I told you that you don’t need to search for it, but instead you could have a stampede of sellers coming direct to you, many of them willing to give you deep discounts on their home in return for a quick sale?

      Stick with me for just a few short minutes and I'll share with you exactly how you can learn to do this too. But please pay close attention as you may not see this page again...

“It Was Using This Simple Yet Powerful System That Enabled Me To Source Deals Like This One Where I Secured A £21,250 Discount...”

And this one, snagged with a £24,500 discount...

And this one where the seller virtually forced me to buy for a gigantic £31,000 discount!

“You Might Think That Opportunities Like This Only Come Around Once In A Blue Moon But No, They Come Up Every Day, All Over The UK (If You Have The Correct System)...”

      It's a jealously guarded secret by seasoned property investors that you get the best deals by cutting out the estate agent and going direct to *motivated* sellers. 

      Let's break that down:

      Let's face it... Dealing with estate agents is a quick way to a big headache...

      It’s the task of estate agents to get the highest price for the seller (as they absolutely should). But they often forget that motivated sellers are less interested in price than they are in speed, confidentiality or assurance. These are things that your average buyer cannot provide... But you can!

      No, you need to cut out the estate agent and deal direct. Only then will you be able to eliminate competition and negotiate effectively a win-win deal for your seller...

“Dealing With Motivated Sellers Is A Breeze With Our Unique Motivated Seller Scripts That Virtually Do The Deal For You!”

      As I say, motivated sellers -- i.e. ones who *need* to sell as opposed to “would like” to sell -- value things like speed, assurance and privacy of sale far higher than price.

      This means that they will usually accept a “wholesale” offer for their property in return for a quick, secure, confidential sale.

      It is by cutting out the middle-man and helping these motivated sellers with ethical win-win deals that you will discover that there is a rich seam of breathtaking property deals just waiting for you to mine it...

“I Can't Handle All These Deals - I Need Your Help!”

      In fact, there are so many deals up and down the UK that I can't handle them all myself and that's why I created my brand new video training program called “Guerrilla Property Marketing: How to get floods of discounted property leads on a shoestring!”... So that you can discover how to find and profit from these deals too!

      I'll tell you more about the system and about a very special offer I have for you in just a moment but first let me ask you something...

      Are you struggling to get property leads?

  • Maybe you placed an expensive newspaper ad that attracted little or no interest?
  • Perhaps you ordered stacks of fliers that have failed to deliver the goods?
  • Or maybe you’re just fed up competing with other buyers and dealing with difficult estate agents?

      If you answered yes to any of those, then I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there myself!

“Guerrilla Property Marketing Is Quick And Simple... You Can Easily Use It Along Side A Full Time Job

      I lost thousands of fliers when the man I paid to deliver them dumped them in a bin...

      I was fed up and frustrated... but then I discovered Guerrilla Property Marketing and it transformed my property business almost overnight!

      Within hours of putting up my first Guerrilla advert (that cost me a few pounds to have made I might add), I started getting calls. Within days I had my first appointment and a day after that, my first deal. (I'll be honest I could have had that deal on the spot but I didn't want to appear too keen!)

      That was the one that I bought for a discount of £31,000...

      The seller simply wanted to move on after a messy divorce and her main motivation for calling me was that she didn’t want to use an estate agent and have her neighbours know what was going on...

“I didn’t even have to negotiate the deal, the seller literally told me what she would accept!”

      In this case, I bought the house myself, gave it a light refurbishment and then resold for a quick profit. But I could equally have held on to it and rented it out or packaged it and sold it as a deal to another investor...

      For the first time I had found a deal without having to employ expensive designers, slow-coach printers or dodgy leaflet delivery men. What could be simpler than that?

“Don't Worry If You Don't Have Funds To Buy — We'll Show You How To Find Partners Or Sell Your Deals To Others For Lucrative Fees

      But to be honest this stuff is simple and easy and anyone can do it if you know how...

      I was over the moon -- I had found the solution to my marketing problem. And the leads kept coming too -- sometimes more than I could handle!

      By cutting out the estate agents and going direct to sellers, I removed a whole lot of stress from my life...

      But more importantly: within 24 months I'd grown my portfolio from 5 units to over 30! Are you starting to see how powerful this is?

      To cut a long story short, I now have the financial freedom and life I always dreamed of that allowed me to travel the world and finally meet my lovely Californian wife. Now we live between the UK and the States, getting the best of both worlds. 

      I don't say all that to brag, the point is that I'm nothing special -- anyone can do this with a bit of determination!

      But I digress... what is Guerrilla Property Marketing?

      Put simply, it is high-impact, low-cost -- sometimes even free -- advertising techniques that are super-effective because they fly in the face of what everyone else is doing.

      Once you know the secret sauce of how to structure these ads, what to put them on and where to place them for maximum effect, they can be devastatingly powerful...

      But its important to know that these strategies don’t just work for me, they can work for you too.

      Who is Guerrilla Property Marketing for?

  • It’s for you if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to get started in property so that you can start building your own discount property portfolio, find deals to refurb and flip for fast profit or make quick cash now by sourcing deals for other investors
  • It’s for you if you have a small portfolio of around 5 or 6 properties but you’re fed up paying close to market value from agents or getting skinned by expensive sourcing fees
  • It’s for you if you’re an investor who wants to really skyrocket the discounts you’re getting and put the growth of your property business on steroids!

"Guerrilla Property Marketing is FAST"

      You can have an ad done and up in literally minutes!

"Guerrilla Property Marketing is EASY"

      You do not need a marketing degree to put this into action, you just need to follow the step by step instructions that I give you...

"Guerrilla Property Marketing is CHEAP"

      And often completely free so you're not going to break the bank with this strategy.

      So, what’s in the Guerrilla Property Marketing program?

      Guerrilla Property Marketing is a series of video strategy briefings and digital downloads in which you’ll discover:

  • The three essential ingredients that every Guerrilla Marketing ad must have in order to be super-effective
  • Dozens of super-easy but deadly-effective Guerrilla Marketing ideas that you can put to work for yourself tomorrow
  • Done-for-you Guerrilla ad templates ready for you to use in your business
  • I’ll give you the exact advert I used to get the £31,000 discount deal I mentioned earlier
  • Everything you need to become an expert Guerrilla Property Marketer and totally dominate your local goldmine area (and if you don't know where that is yet, don't worry we have you covered!)

"You're Going To Love These Free Bonuses..."

      When you invest in the Guerrilla Property Marketing system today, you'll also get a FREE 30 day Guerrilla Property Membership trial which will give you access to your VIP private members area packed to bursting with all the other training and resources you'll need to:

  • Choose the best area to invest in (selecting the wrong one can set you back months)
  • Figure out what to do with each deal you find (our unique Strategy Selector spreadsheet makes this a breeze)
  • And even full training on a strategy you can use if you don't have any money to invest in property yet...
  • And much, much more!

      Furthermore, as part of your membership trial you’ll get access to a private Facebook Group where you can get answers to your questions directly from me and other investors... 

      AND (I can't believe I'm actually doing this) I'm throwing in your very own Deal Sourcing website that you can customise to your own brand and use to "hack" your authority and become the go-to property expert in your local area virtually overnight! (If there's one thing that smart investors learned in the time of COVID-19 lockdown, it's that they need a website!)

      So, to summarise...

Here's What You Get When You Join Today:

Guerrilla Property Marketing System (Valued at £200)

  • Complete video training library
  • Download library, including the exact seller qualification form I use in my business which separates the motivated sellers from the time-wasters at lightning speed
  • Simple online sourcing methods you can use during "lockdown"
  • 30 quick-start action plan and video walkthrough
  • Full PDF transcripts and MP3 audios so that you can listen on your smartphone, or in your car!

Guerrilla Property Investing Membership Trial (Valued at £348/year)

  • Your own VIP private members area packed to bursting with all the training, resources and support you need to start or grow your property business FAST 
  • Includes course material and resources previously only available to our high-end consulting clients

Unlimited 1-1 Email Support

  • Included in your Guerrilla Property Investing Membership trial
  • Direct 1-1 access to myself to answer all your property questions

Your Own Customisable Deal Sourcing Website (Valued at £497)

  • Included in your Guerrilla Property Investing Membership trial
  • Position yourself as the go-to local property expert with this stunning mobile-ready website
  • Includes the 5 vital elements required to turn visitors into leads eager to sell you their property at a discount
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface lets you customise to your own brand in a flash guided by our full video instructions
  • Livechat and blog functions plus much more!
  • 12 stunning themes to choose from, including sourcing, r2r, SA, packaging, etc.

Unprecedented Joint Venture Opportunity (Priceless)

  • Included in your Guerrilla Property Investing Membership trial
  • Exclusive opportunity to joint venture with us to sell your deals
  • Access to our extensive investor list, including one buyer with a requirement for dozens of units monthly!

Guerrilla Property Goldmine (Valued at £49)

  • Included in your Guerrilla Property Investing Membership trial
  • This is for you if you are unsure exactly where you should be investing (getting this wrong can set you back drastically!)
  • Essential White Paper and Strategy Video reveals the simple 3-step process to locate your own Goldmine area!

Guerrilla Deal Packaging (Valued at £99)

  • Included in your Guerrilla Property Investing Membership trial
  • How to "package" deals that you don't want to other investors for substantial fees
  • Deal packaging is a popular "starter" strategy as you don't need large cash reserves and can get up and running pretty quickly
  • Digital manual and essential downloads

Deals On Demand (Valued at £997)

  • Included in your Guerrilla Property Investing Membership trial
  • Previously only available to our high-end consulting clients paying up to £4,000, this 190+ minute video training series goes deep into how to deal with motivated sellers and negotiate the best deals
  • Rare telephone scripts loaded with powerful psychology that will allow you to simultaneously build rapport with your prospects and position yourself as the solution to their problem
  • Our unique "Strategy Selector Machine" enables you to confidently decide which strategy to use with each deal

      By now you’re probably quite excited about Guerrilla Property Marketing and you’re wondering how much the program costs. Well, this sort of material would normally only be available at high-ticket guru seminars (if you could find it all) and you could expect to pay anything from £100's to £1,000's to attend one of those... As one of our students says:

"I went on the [company name removed] training course in the London Hilton last year and what I’ve seen from you so far is far more advanced to what they offered in the three Day course." — Ollie Stapleton

      However because I want your success story, you can try Guerrilla Property Marketing today, for the insanely low price of just £107 £49.

That’s a total value of over £1,560 and today you get all of it for just £107 £49!

      That’s peanuts compared to what you could make on your first deal!

      Plus, you get instant online access to watch and re-watch at your own pace. No booking travel, hotel rooms or taking precious time away from family to go to an overpriced seminar!

      If you choose to stay a Guerrilla Property Investing member after the 30 day trial, you’ll be billed just £49 per month to keep access to your ‘members only’ Facebook group, your training library, your JV facility and your specialist ‘deal sourcing’ website...

You'll be "grandfathered" in at this reduced rate for life, if you remain a member

Note that this is an "time limited offer" and the price will go up when the timer on this page counts down to zero, so act now to lock in your saving.

Get Started Now For An Investment Of Only £107 £49

(Total Value Over £1,560)

Click the button below to checkout securely... (Instant access, even at 3am!)

Get Guerrilla Property Marketing And Bonuses For Only £107 £49!

After your 30 day free trial, you'll be billed £49 per month. Cancel at any time by emailing

      I want to make sure this is a no-brainer for you so we have a full 30 day money back guarantee; if you’re not completely blown away with the value of Guerrilla Property Marketing or even just slightly underwhelmed then I demand that you contact me and I will give you a full refund!



If you're not completely BLOWN AWAY with the value of Guerrilla Property Marketing... Or even just slightly underwhelmed then I DEMAND that you contact me and I will give you a full refund!

      But I know that you’re going to love this material and use the forms and templates in your business. And because when you start to see the results you’re going to experience you’ll never look back.

      Think about it, what it mean for your life if you found a £30,000 discount deal in the next 30 days? If you released that cash, would you:

  • Fire your boss and leave your JOB?
  • Pay off debts?
  • Splurge on a new car or a lavish holiday?

      However I don’t want you to miss out so it’s important to know that this discount is strictly time-limited so you must be prepared to jump on this quickly and take action now to secure your copy at this great discount price...

      So go ahead and click the button below now for instant access to the Guerrilla Property Marketing exclusive members area and I’ll see you in there!


O. Stapleton

Investor & Developer

Anyway just some feedback for you as well - I went on the [competitor name removed] training course in the London Hilton last year and what I’ve seen from you so far is far more advanced to what they offered in the three Day course. I understand it’s all about getting people to buy further bits which is fine but they were too much in your face with it and if you weren’t interested in the £20k course they weren’t interested in you. I’ve found your softer approach far more superior and I think you will be a far greater success in all of this.

S. Kraljic

Property Investor

I'm packing as much as I can in. I am familiar with a lot of the subjects but still picking up some 'Golden nuggets' of information. I find that the way you have presented the course is really well done and a pleasure to learn. 'No flannel' well presented and easy to digest even for an old dog like me. I am looking forward to the deal packaging sections. Thanks again.

David Fox

Investor & Developer

As a private landlord, I've found the Guerrilla Property course to be incredibly valuable in how I source property and package any deals that I don't wish to buy myself.

The tips and strategies that John imparts are simple, yet so very effective. As soon as I started implementing them they began to pay off.

I've recommended this material to many of my friends and acquaintances already and am more than happy to provide a glowing reference to anyone interested in this business.

Follow the guidelines and you'll be well on your way to success.

R. Lawrence


I found the course very informative and productive, with clear step by step instructions, no fluff, just clear precise instructions and tips, nothing withheld

I will definitely use the strategies and tips to build and source potential sellers list by using the guerrilla methods to market my business on a shoe string.

For anyone starting out in the property market, then this will help to get going, and I would certainly recommend the course to anyone looking to get in the property market with a low budget, and little knowledge. Overall great course, and I will surely be putting this in practice.

Steve Thompson

Former Estate Agent & Property Developer

If you are looking to gain more property leads than you have ever seen before then Guerrilla Property Marketing is going to change the way you look at building your property portfolio.  

I have been in the property industry for many years in different roles and I have seen different ways of making money out of property. None is as easy to follow and effective as Guerrilla Property Marketing.

Get Started Now For An Investment Of Only £107 £49

(Total Value Over £1,560)

Click the button below to checkout securely... (Instant access, even at 3am!)

Get Guerrilla Property Marketing And Bonuses For Only £107 £49!

After your 30 day free trial, you'll be billed £49 per month. Cancel at any time by emailing

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